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Forget washing in your driveway! Spinnaker Suds-N-Shine has plenty of high-tech wash bays with everything you need to give your vehicle a safe, professional-style wash and wax while being protected from the elements.

High-pressure spray-guns blast away dirt with a warm soapy jet. For extra cleaning, use the foaming brushes to gently loosen stubborn dirt and stains. 

Finish by protecting your vehicle with a high-gloss Triple-Foam Protectant and rinse with our ultra-pure spot-free rinse.

You can even pay with your credit card right in the wash bays! Coins and tokens can also be used and bill changers and token dispensers are available.

Spinnaker Suds-N-Shine is locally-owned and operated.  Founded by the owners of Minuteman Press of Vero Beach, Spinnaker Suds-N-Shine makes every effort to keep up with the latest innovations and ideas in the car wash industry, and we strive to maintain modern, up-to-date facilities. Spinnaker is environmentally conscious, with water conservation being one of our chief concerns. We use only environmentally friendly solutions to wash and wax customers' vehicles while using an absolute minimum of water to do so. It might surprise you to know that we only use about one-fourth of the water to wash a car that the average person would use to do the same job at home in their driveway.


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